20.06.09 : Operational Logistics and

COVID resilience

In logistics operational environnements as warehouses and distribution centres, people often work side by side. 

Employees meet each other in different processes f.e. receiving goods, storing away, picking, packing and staging. 

In a new reality after lock-down, the economy is restarting and logistic supply chains are being re-activated. The number one problem facing logistical operators now is building COVID resilience into their operations. Resilience in making staff feel safe at work, quickly adjusting measures as needed, limiting the spread of an infections by cross-contamination, training staff, hosting visitors to the premises, predicting potential problem areas.  

As a first action, logistics operations immediately took measures on people’s wellness, social distancing, disinfection of commonly used materials, shielding safe areas. All these to ensure initial business continuity. Looking further to long term COVID-resilient operations, a new wave of sustainable and flexible solutions are needed. 

ART4L’s middleware and consulting experience in warehouses provide the ideal starting point to build COVID resilience into logistics. We’ve been delivering solutions to set up information flows between warehouse management systems (WMS) and operators to flexibly adjust to operational demands. Moreover, contactless processes, as supported by ART4L Augmented Reality solutions, were already validated as a time saver. Now, with COVID, contactless also means safety.

Based on our thorough understanding of warehouse operations, we designed a logistics COVID toolbox. Next to our expertise in process design and our middleware, the toolbox integrates the epic.blue Location IoT capabilities. epic.blue has specially designed a COVID solution called Guardian COVID.  Guardian COVID strengthens teams through reliable measurements, COVID specific risk management, real-time KPI dashboards, centralised alerting, site activity hotspots and contact tracing networks. 

20.05.25 : Avoid contamination in your workflow with ARt4L

In a new reality after lock-down our economy is restarting with new challenges and opportunities.   


Terminology as ‘caring for people’, social distance, disinfection of commonly used materials, hands-free working methods etc. are suddenly part of our daily life.


ARt4L is specialized in Augmented Reality based hands-free logistics since 2014, implementing supporting hardware such as smart glasses, wrist computers, tablets, beamers, TV-sets, etc.. 

This hands-free technology avoids cross-contamination and disinfection of a lot of common used equipment when handing over between employees.

Your processes can easily be optimized via our flow engine and smoothly become integrated in your actual logistic environment.


ARt4L has solutions for distance warning to be integrated in your Android devices.  We can offer workers heat-mapping positioning solutions and optimize routings avoiding close proximity of your logistic employees. Our distance warning solution helps you in maintaining a safe working environment for yourself and your co-workers.


Check out for more details and examples:

www.smartpick.be and www.smartpicksdk.com


ARt4L offers its experience in logistics and warehousing processes to optimize working methods via our consultants

20.05.25 : Supply Chain Innovations 2020 New date 

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